by PJ Gustafson We cruised with our 2 ½-year-old and 6-month-old daughters on the Carnival Freedom in October 2015. Following that experience, I have twelve tips that may prove useful for anyone wanting to cruise with young children.  Some of this is specific to Carnival, but most should be universally applicable to just about …

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Hi Cruisers, This episode is all about cruising with kids. We did an episode quite awhile ago on this topic, but it’s a little outdated, and not really our best work.  I started thinking about this episode and how to cruise with kids when I got a really nice comment from one of our subscribers PJ.  PJ put together a great list of tips for cruising with kids, and I thought reaching out to our wonderful cruising community for more input on the subject of taking a cruise with kids (cruising with babies, cruising with teens etc’) would be a really fun thing to do.

Hi Cruisers, Yes, it’s another beauty box, but it’s something new this time.  Today we look a Walmart beauty box box for a cruise. These are the Walmart Beauty boxes for Winter 2017. This is our first ever Walmart beauty box unboxing, and we are going to look at both the Walmart beauty box trendsetter for Winter 2017 and the Walmart beauty box classic for Winter 2017.

Hi Cruisers, Once again, thank you all for coming to our first ever CruiseTipsTV live stream cruise vlog.  We were overwhelmed by your support and terrific comments and participation. We thought it might be fun or interesting to try to capture some of what was involved live stream vlog. So we put together this little behind the scenes video of our live stream setup, and preparing for our live cruise vlog.
Hi Cruisers, Happy Valentines week! The link to enter our Valentines day Giveaway is above. For a chance to win the USB charging hub enter by February 16, 2017. If you are wondering why a free usb charging hub would be good for cruising, check out this older, but still relevant video: