Half the fun of cruising is shopping for new outfits … right?

Hi Cruisers, We’ve got some posh cruise gear today! I have always wanted something a little more elegant for formal nights on cruises, and now I’ve found it. It’s the Jane from MVMT. You know I usually wear my Apple watch on cruises, but it’s really kind of clunky. My husband even bought me a fancy band for the Apple watch, but it still kind of clashed with my formal wear. This Jane watch from MVMT is awesome, and is totally what I had in mind when thinking of formal dinners on a cruise. You may remember my impromptu beach review of the MVMT sunglasses https://youtu.be/8VCQKSSQT14 – well this terrific watch is from the same company, and I love it just as much as I love the sunglasses. If this is something that interests you, be sure to use the discount code provided above.

Hi Cruisers, we are back with another quick cruise tips episode for Vlogtoberfest. Today we’ll be hanging out in our backyard, and offering up 5 quick cruise tips for formal night on a cruise. We’ve done a couple of “How to dress on formal night” and “What to wear on formal night” videos before. You can check out those videos if you need more information, or feel free to drop us a question in the comments below. This video isn’t so much a “what to wear on formal for a cruise” as it is just some general tips about how to approach formal night on your cruise.