In this video we look at solving the outlet shortage problem without a power strip.

Hi Cruisers, It’s Sheri with another quick tip. One problem your likely to run into when cruising is a serious shortage of electrical outlets. If you’re like us, you’ve got all kinds of cameras, phones, iPads and other techie gadgets you like to take on your cruise. All this stuff needs constant charging, but quite often there’s only one and maybe two outlets in your cabin. In the past we’ve recommended packing a small travel power strip (like this), but many lines like Disney and Royal Caribbean prohibit, and at times confiscate these items.

Now we recommend a USB Charging hub. This doesn’t solve the problem completely, but it does handle charging the majority of our gear. There are lots of different brands, and I suspect they are all very similar. We went with this little guy; the Key Power 60 watt 6 port charging hub. The prices vary and the cost increases with the watts.

Two things we like about this model are:
One: Something called Smart Active Recognition. It’s supposed to detect what your device is and deliver the fastest possible charge speed.
Two: A built in protection system that prevents over charging, overheating and stuff like that.

Now I don’t know if it’s really charging any faster, but I can say it charges all our USB stuff quickly with no problems. That includes our Samsung devices, full and mini sized iPad, video cameras, music players, speakers, and on and on.

The Key Power version is no longer available, but here is a similar one you can check out on Amazon here: